2008-10-04 08:42:22
Berlin Porn Film festival Spectrum Asia My shortfilm "On the Japanese Doll Complex"--exploring the influence of Japanese manga on the Hong Kong sex scene--is playing with the "Tears of Ecstasy" --an experimentally deconstructed version of a pink sex film.

2008-07-30 06:34:37
JULY 30. Interviewed in Toro Magazine
Inside Asian Netporn Sex Art conoisseur Louise Bak interviewed me for Toronto's men's magazine Toro. Make sure to also check out her other splendid interviews about sex artistry.

2008-05-20 09:40:32
JUNE 24: Madame Remedy in Hong Kong
Episodes I and II of my new video series will be launched on june 24 in Shanghai Street Art Space, Yau Ma Tei, 7:30pm

Episode 1. What is wrong with your pr0n, Hong Kong? 22 mins
It is often mentioned in local newspapers and magazines that Hong Kong performs badly in the bedroom. Is it true that his hyper-wired Asian megapolis has lost its sex drive? Against a backdrop of alienating high-rise buildings and the expanding IT services of the new economy, I use my camera to zoom in on Hong Kong people’s “porn stories,” their drive towards post-human hedonism or multiple personalities. The film starts with the Edison Chen scandal and then samples Hong Kong’s softcore erotica produced by the Shaw brothers in the 1960s and 1970s. Virtual lives and humorous stories are interlaced with the lore of celebrity scandals and political darkness. The main question: Is it feasible to recuperate a people’s pornography, a local art of pornographic story-telling, or why else do we need a DIY porn web?

Episode 2. On the Japanese Doll Complex. 18 mins
Episode 1. What is wrong with your pr0n, Hong Kong? 22 mins It is often mentioned in local newspapers and magazines that Hong Kong performs badly in the bedroom. Is it true that his hyper-wired Asian megapolis has lost its sex drive? Against a backdrop of alienating high-rise buildings and the expanding IT services of the new economy, I use my camera to zoom in on Hong Kong people’s “porn stories,” their drive towards post-human hedonism or multiple personalities. The film starts with the Edison Chen scandal and then samples Hong Kong’s softcore erotica produced by the Shaw brothers in the 1960s and 1970s. Virtual lives and humorous stories are interlaced with the lore of celebrity scandals and political darkness. The main question: Is it feasible to recuperate a people’s pornography, a local art of pornographic story-telling, or why hen do people use the web to inundate themselves with products? Episode 2. On the Japanese Doll Complex. 18 mins What kind of Japanese doll would you like to buy and live with, if you had the opportunity? In this docudrama, the gifted doctor ‘Madame Remedy’ (Nam Kung) highlights Chinese people’s search for otherworldly "Japanese" alter ego’s. Madame Remedy points to a wide variety of cases where people seek the innocence and gender-fluidity of dolls, to embellish or modify the greyness of the everyday. Madame Remedy illustrates her case-study by showing snippets of the lives of Kigurumi cosplayers, Adult Video movies, fans of Boy Love animations, and owners of Ball-Jointed Dolls. Males and females alike explore Japanese excess as commodity exchange and indentity transformation, falling in love with dolls or doll components in ways that are least expected.

2008-04-16 21:42:39
APRIL 18 Friday Night Talk: Feminism and DIY Porn
The talk is organized by the lesbian organization Les Peches, and will include dinner.
Friday, April 18, 2008 Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm Location: Cafe 0 Street: 284 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Contact Info Phone: 90298050 Email:
And the picture is one of FTM porn star buckangel

2008-04-16 21:36:01
Chinese Opera singer with Graffiti
.... pasted on the Mui Wo rocks.

2008-02-12 22:21:24
My new book on Internet Pornography
My new book Netporn: DIY Web Culture and Sexual Politics is out.

2007-04-27 03:42:20
C'lick Me Conference, Paradiso, Amsterdam June 2
Let's all go to the 2nd international netporn conference, smaller yet funkier then the first one???
C'lick me: Public Display of Internet Pornography

2007-03-03 22:54:06
Terre Thaemlitz will be in Hong Kong
With a performance of :lovebomb:: on march 30 and a special lecture at City University on april 2

2007-02-21 05:08:55
Dr. Jacobs Goes to Tapei Porn Conference

Seventh International Super-Slim Conference on Politics of Gender/Sexuality

2006-12-03 20:41:56
Something not said
Lets call it EDX! EDX: A mysterious person who sends you a barrage of stuff online. Is it a bit like the much over theorized 'potlatsch' ritual in native American tribes, where somebody visits you with all his/her wealth and all you can do is receive it. The issue then, according to my dead uncle Bataille, is how to receive this wealth? In Chinese culture, you have to smile very politely but not open it until much later so you don't show a reaction. Chinese culture also has those rituals of conspicuous comsumption where hosts ostentiously squander belongings (drinks, esoteric food items, burbs, pop songs on a stage) and show off this wealth as a token of social status to selected guests. Here you can only accept and share the gift in a totally inebriated state of mind. Hmm ... not sure what to do with EDX?

2006-04-14 11:13:56
More Lolitas
The pink Lolitas are called "sweet" lolitas and the black one is called "gothic" lolita, the girl in lace with a vampire edge.

2006-04-14 11:06:01
Lolita from Hong Kong
Today I went to a high tea party in Wan Chai called "Hong Kong de Lolita" and I saw a unique gathering of Lolita girls. These are a branch of "cosplayers" or costume players who want to dress and act like their favorite carttoon characters. Lolita's are hyper-feminine and well-behaved girls with a Victorian edge, feigning innocence or childishness and resembling porcelain dolls. (Except they were enormous fetish-looking platform shoes).

2005-12-13 21:08:47
anti-WTO protesters
Most people at the anti-WTO rally wore colorful banners and clothes, or their ethnic outfits. The mood was very colorful, energetic and joyful. The local press has been very discouraging and the city and MTR stations are packed with police men.

2005-12-13 21:01:01
anti-WTO protesters
dancing on disco...

2005-12-13 20:58:34
Indonesian domestic workers(2)
They were well represented at the rally and also presented some "agit-prop" performances.

2005-12-13 20:57:17
anti-WTO protesters
Many women workers rallied on sunday.

2005-12-13 20:53:13
Hong Kong anti-WTO protest
A mixture of migrant and local workers organizations gathered in Victoria Park last sunday, just one week after the massive Pro-Democracy rally.

2005-12-13 19:56:04
What does Hong Kong look like?
Here Hong Kong's tall buildings by photographer Michael Wolf. Would it be possible to live there? Angel tells me it is like the famous test of putting rats in too small a space, that humans are territorial animals. But that is a 'euro' point of view. http://www.photomichaelwolf/hongkongarchitecture

2005-11-20 02:11:33
Another one of Tobaron's Shots
Why do I like it so much? Dr. Jacobs? Any ideas?

2005-11-20 01:48:23
Tobaron Waxman
I got in touch with Tobaron Waxman, an artist living in New York City. Like some of other artists on this site, Tobaron graduated from the School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) and more specifically, studied with porn edu diva, Barbara de Genevieve. As a matter of fact, Toboran also shot some scenes for De Genevieve's queer netporn operation (meanhwile discontinued). I don't know what is going on in these scenes, but I like these photographs. And as it goes, now I am going to chase Tobaron, ask for another skype session. More information about TW and his work can be found on his website

2005-11-19 22:37:57
Who wants to be Matteo's Dog?
Where is his face? His beautiful face? Why did Matteo Pasquinelli, co-organizer of the Art and Politics of Netporn conference, send me this picture of his boots and dog collar?

Anyhow, don't forget to check the 'delicious' links on the Art and Politics of Netporn Website, a collection of shared bookmarks on the topic of Internet pornography. And there you will find a copy of his essay Warporn Warpunk! Autonomous Videopoiesis in Wartime, published in the magazine Bad Subjects.

2005-11-19 22:15:35
The Best of the Warbear
(Photo: Lizzy Kalisvaart) I started a dialogue with the 'warbear,' a member of the gay 'bear' community and living in Roma, Italy. The warbear participated in the Art and Politics of Netporn conference. I only had a little chat with him during the conference but then started an online dialogue with him. Here a snippet of his mind, yummie!

"Even though I remembered having erections thinking about female breasts that I saw in porno magazine during my childhood, my first sperm production was due to fantasies relating my teachers and especially the ones having big bellies, big beards, lots of hair coming out of their shirts. Besides big hands I had such a total fetish for their feet. Starting from that, I tried to research in this kind of scenario looking to mature men websites. Once, surfing the net, I found an image of a big big man with a tempest of hair. In his chest a cloudy and wild salt and pepper beard, a malicious “monnalisian” smile and cut of eyes, a serious epicurean belly, a huge fat sticky cock, two thunder legs and a pair of perfect feet. He was sitting on a rotten couch all naked, legs wide open, showing such a fabulous enormous erection and smoking a joint. The Word “Bear” was the title of the picture. Well, I came without touching myself."

2005-11-09 00:23:21
Older Male
Here I am visited by an oder male, who told me about his sexual needs, while Joyce Cheng helped with simlutaneous translation. Another male wanted to demonstrate his favorite position on the table, but it was a position we had never heard of. Even my smart friends Joyce and Ellen did not fully understand-perhasp a local specialty of some kind?

2005-11-09 00:20:49
Samantha Culp as sexy nurse helping people to a 'nick' and a name tag to be used during the event, when interacting with Oriental Whore on webcam and with Dr. Jacobs in the office.

2005-11-09 00:15:10
Qui est ca?
(Left) Isaac Leung as Oriental Whore (Right) Dr. Jacobs!

2005-11-07 02:37:00
A snapshot of my new life!
Last friday, I tried to feel the sex of HK city with a performative event 'Cybersex @ Real Clinic.' This event took place at the artspace Videotage, located in one of the of loft spaces of the artist village, 'Cattle Depot.' I conceived of the event together with Isaac Leung (as 'Oriental Whore') and Samantha Culp (as Sexy Nurse') The sex conversations between myself as 'Dr. Jacobs' and audiece members as 'patients' were projected on a big screen in the 'waiting room' were people were having webcam sex with Oriental Whore. Here a snapshot of the doctor talking to one one of his favorite patients, Ellen Pau, who wore a cute joker hat and made a confession about her porn addiction. Just look at those smiles!

2005-09-21 23:57:55
Libidoc is launched in Belgium, Holland, Slovenia and Hong Kong
Finally Finally ...!! :0)

2005-07-12 13:32:01
Moving! Moving!
I am moving to Hong Kong on friday and will post you some news from there. Don't forget to write a message to Dr.Jacobs!

2005-01-30 17:54:26
Kinsey in town
Here is 'Kinsey' at work in a lesbian bar in New York City. The real Kinsey is a sexologist from the 1950s, mostly known to us through the Hollywood movie by Bill Condon. Kinsey caused a revolution in the USA by showing the existence of varieties of sex practices, taboos and queer inclinations, in females and males. He interviewed thousands of Americans, people of all walks of life, about their various sex habits and experiences, hoping to see the changing patterns of human sexuality and societal repression. His scientific goal was to have just enough samples so that the research would be representative of the whole of society. He collected about 18.000 interviews during his life-time and worked with a small team of people who understood his methods. So--but what abot this new Kinsey. What is 'Kinsey' trying to find out from people in the lesbian bar?

2004-11-23 16:15:13
MILK website
Then just a few days ago Cheang launched a her website MILK for 56K Bastard TV in Basel, Switzerland. Since MILK was deemed too explicit by the Swiss organizers (pressure by funders) Cheang was asked to come up with a SNOW VERSION of MILK. So here you have got them both, the original work of art (MILK) and the censored one (SNOW)

The MILK website is huge and takes 29 minutes to load. It is a mesmerizing and mind-blowing work of art. Tons of different netporn images pop up on your screen, while Cheang has set a counter that announces the number of people dying from Aids during the time of loading the website. On one level, the site contrast the decadent-sophisticated porn and art viewers with the hard-core ‘have nots,’ the people who are dying and do not have access to cures or technology. On another level, the work really seems to say that porn and death news alike, are intensely fabricated, elusive and fictitious phenomena, affecting our desires yet hard to make sense of. At the end of the 29 loading period, the MILK slogan appears again “milk is the white fluid for the 21st century what the white powder was for the 20th century high”. Milk is then not only the illegal fluid from the movie FLUID, but also the substance needed for comforting those who are dying, and those too obsessed with cum shots.

2004-11-23 15:13:49
The FLUID installation which traveled Norway after the casting call was shut down.

2004-11-23 15:02:22
I am happy to know that Shu Lea Cheang is working on an imaginary sci-fi porn movie entitled Fluid. This movie is set in 2030, when a certain breed of people has started to produce a sexual fluid, called milk, containing a potent mix of endorphines. Milk is the white fluid for the 21sth century what the white powder was for the 20the century high. The people who can produce milk are also declared illegal and hunted down by state/corporation.

Cheang emailed me about her sci-fi movie FLUID a few weeks ago and told me that she had put out a casting call for it in the Norwegian Detox Festival. She had built a tent and invited people to perform in her movie as gender-fluid humans and non-humans “who can suck, fuck, lick, act a bit, and get high” But alas, the FLUID casting call open casting call or Cheang’s ‘sex tent’ was censored by Norwegian authorities and the tent had to be shut down. It is too bad that FLUID was brought to a halt like that, but I know the tent will manage to appear again, as the idea of making a sci-fi imaginary movie with live performers and fresh volunteers, rather than celebrities, is just too appealing!

FLUID then toured Norway as an installation piece with manipulated urinals and colorful video screens feeding certain signals. What I like in this picture of the installation is its evocation of contradictory sensations—fire and fluid, hot and cold, pain and release, erotic fantasy and the earthy toilet.

2004-08-31 14:54:55
Bare Feet
They make me hot.

2004-08-31 09:37:59
Delicious Ears
Here a photograph by the Slovenian artist Goran Bertok. I learnt today that sado-masochistic exercises of painful pleasure are only foreplay, that cruel ways of seeking 'little death' are only fore-play to 'grand death.' But I don't understand what that means, 'grand death'?

2004-07-03 13:46:41
Josephine Ho been cleared- NOT guilty
I just received great news from Josephine Ho:

After a year of litigation under Article 235 of the criminal code (which has to do with the dissemination of obscenities), Josephine Ho’s sexuality studies website has finally been cleared of any criminal conduct by the Taipei District Court on June 25th, 2004.  In simple terms, the verdict is “NOT GUILTY”!

A total of 14 religious and conservative groups had jointly brought charges against Professor Josephine Ho, founder and coordinator of the Center for the Study of Sexualities, National Central University, Taiwan in June 2003, following a sensational report by the media concerning the two bestiality hyperlinks found in Ho’s sexuality web data bank.  The moral panic flared along the lines of “protection of the young against bumping into harmful information while surfing the internet.”  After two investigative hearings in September, the investigating prosecutor decided to pursue the charge, claiming that Ho’s sexuality data bank made graphic and obscene materials easily accessible to all, including minors.  Penalty for this so-called criminal behavior could run as high as two years imprisonment plus a huge fine.  News about the case spread around the world, and a massive petition drive quickly gathered over two thousand signatures from noted scholars, activists, and students.  Formal letters of support from professional groups such as the American Association of University Professors, World Congress of Sexology, and Hong Kong Association of Sex Education also arrived to verify the legitimacy of sex-related research (including zoophilia) which is yet to be recognized in Taiwan. 

Thanks to the massive petition effort by international communities of scholars, activists, and students, the court dealt with the case without the usual crudeness that accompanies stigmatized cases.  On the last day of court, May 28, Ho was even allowed to defend her own case in front of the judges.  Taking advantage of the first opportunity to make a statement in court, she delivered a 90-minute speech detailing the nature and methodology of sexuality studies, the structure and content of the website, and refuted the numerous errors in the prosecutor’s allegations (e.g. the prosecutor’s distorted description of the nature of the website databank, the prosecutor ’s uninformed readings of the articles presented on the webpage, and the prosecutor’s exaggerated characterization of easy access to the hyperlinks on the bottom layer of the website data bank).

On June 25, Josephine Ho went to court to hear the verdict, accompanied by dozens of concerned academics, activists, and students.  She was met with over a dozen riot police who lined up in front of the court house.  When it was rumored that the police were there because there would be protests following the verdict, everyone began preparing for the worst.  Upon entering the courtroom, the bailiff instructed all to stand to hear the verdict.  Then the three judges who presided over the case appeared.  As all waited in anticipation for the worst result, the presiding judge read out the verdict--“Not guilty”--and quickly retired to the backroom.  All stood in awe for the result came too quickly and too unexpectedly.  In a few seconds, applause was heard in the corridor where many more waited.

When Josephine Ho emerged from the courtroom, she was surrounded by well-wishers and the media alike.  Ho expressed gratitude for all the support she has received both from home and from abroad.  She then read out a prepared statement, saying that she is gratified that the court has done what the prosecutor did not find it worthwhile to do—to carefully examine the website in question so as to understand the nature and context in which the two hyperlinks were presented.  While the not-guilty verdict has restored some faith in the sanity of Taiwanese society, Ho is also saddened that the possible prosecution of provision of web hyperlinks has already produced chilling effects that threaten the freedom of speech and expression of marginal subjects as well as researchers.  Ho then announces that in order to counter the obscurantism that surrounds the issue of sexuality, the sexuality data bank which she had put on hold for almost a year is now fully operational and encourages net surfers to visit and learn from the website, including the updated zoophilia webpage.  She also appeals to the public to join her in taking actions to amend the laws that infringe upon individual rights to information, association, and privacy.  Student representatives and sex work activists also spoke to express their joy as well as to caution against further erosion of an open and tolerant society.

Conservatives were dismayed to hear the verdict and are launching another wave of attack on Ho, beginning by urging the prosecutor to file for an appeal when more conservative judges in the high court may deliver a different verdict.  Ho, who has just been elected chair to the English Department by students and faculty alike, has already returned to her work in academic research as well as social activism.  If dealt with a different verdict in the high court, she pledges to file for constitution explanation of Chapter 11 of the Constitution of Republic of China--which decrees that the people shall enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of research and teaching, and freedom of publication--and up the ante in this round of ideological contestation.

The conservatives may have been thwarted this time through the moral courage of the district court judges, the continued effort by local gender/sexuality activists, and the petition by international academics, activists, and students.  But two other sex-related cases are still pending.  In the first one, the only gay bookstore in Taiwan was raided and its shipment of legally imported gay graphic publications seized at the dock toward the end of 2003. The gay owner now faces the same Article 235 of the Criminal Code for dissemination of obscenities.  In the second case, the safe-sex program geared toward lesbians and broadcasted on Valentine’s Day by the only woman-oriented radio station in southern Taiwan was cited by the Information Bureau and may have to pay a fine for including sexually explicit discussions over the radio wave.  The convergence of these cases demonstrates a growing intolerance of the lifestyle and cultural practices of marginal subjects which warrants our serious attention and intervention. Josephine Ho thanks all those who have expressed support for her case and will continue to uphold the precious freedoms and rights that are granted us.

2004-03-03 14:19:20
Here a picture of Jo Ho during the january 16 protest in Taipei, standing amongst slogans and the long list of names (close to 2000) of local and international academics and activists supporting her academic freedom. We are still waiting for more news on her court proceedings. To read the full story about Jo Ho visit the Taipei Page of my travel diary.

2004-01-20 10:42:12

Dear Libidot, Thank you so much for your support.  Today in front of the courthouse, almost two hundred people gathered in support of my case.  A handful of professors, marginal social groups, and a whole bunch of students from various universities turned up.  The students created many different posters proclaiming their concern over the retrenchment on scholarly research and sexual knowledge.  They also performed a short play to dramatize the plight of teacher who have the courage to face difficult subjects sensibly as well as the determination of students to shake off bigotry and ignorance.  It was very well-performed and the media asked the students to redo it a second time so that they could shoot it in greater detail.  Then several people, including two students, one professor, a representative of feminist groups, and a representative from labor groups, spoke on the injustice of bringing my case to trial.  The labor organizer pledges that should the university decide to take any action against me, the labor groups would come forth to defend my right to work.

Then the professors presented me with a long list containing all the names of the people to signed the petition in support of me.  It was very moving and impressive for the paper ran about 30 feet.  The social groups also constructed special slogans to chant which goes like this: "Professor Ho is outstanding; always fighting for social justice; there is no need to be afraid in the face of law; academic work should be protected."

I made a brief statement on the spot.  I said I was very happy and grateful that so many friends turned up to show their concern for the freedom of academic research.  I am also gratified that the (mainstream) feminists have come forth to make a stand on the retrenchment of social atmosphere.  In the past, many sex-positive pioneers had also been prosecuted for their work in making sexual information available to the public, which was read as "spreading obscenities."   Yet, with each case that came to trial, more space is opened for sexual discussion and sexual information.  I am hoping that my case would also create an opportunities for us to reexamine the outdated defintion of pornography and obscenity as well as to face the changing realities of sexuality in Taiwan today.

Then I entered the courtroom with my lawyers.  Today is the first time the prosecutor and the defense lawyers negotiate the main points of contention in this case.  So I really did not get to say much expect to clarify some facts.  The real debate will come onlyy later.  It took about an hour today in which the judge tried to clarify the main points of the case and the evidence and witnesses that would be admitted.  The next court date is set to be Feb. 20.

Media response seems to be quite friendly.  I think it has something to do with the recent aggressive moves of purification that the same conservative groups have launched against the media in general.  Such sex phobia has triggered quite a few intellectuals to write to the newspaper against such moves.  As my case progresses, I am hoping that it will also be an occasion for social education about sexuality.

I will keep you posted and try to send you a picture soon.


2004-01-14 07:25:54
Here one of the photographs by Rajko Bizjak whom I met yesterday. He names the photographs of vaginas after flowers and gives them the appropriate color. We had a long talk yesterday about his artistic representations of genitals, activism, and censorship. For Bizjak, the difference between art and pornography is very clear. He also used to make porn movies and then turned to photography. Pornography is not a genre to him, but an intention of the producer and a moral category imposed by state. He wants women and men to enjoy watching genitals & have an unusual reaction to his pictures, then apply it to real life. I wonder if he is a vagina lover?

2004-01-06 16:06:37
I interviewed Lulu Hou in IT park gallery and afterwards we had a great Japanese meal in the nextdoor restaurant. This image is from Hou's series of photographs entitled 'Japan eye-love U' which she made for a museum in Okinawa. Hou appears as masked nurse sitting in a bondage chair with an older man with witch-hat looking over her shoulder. Hou explained to me that this image comments on the portrayal of females in Japanese porn, where they tend to be shown as 'captivated' and 'ecstatically shrieking' as they are strangled by ropes or tentacles in animated porn. Hou told me that her Japanese colleagues in the museum kept telling her that the old man on the picture is 'Taiwanese,' but she maintains that he is 'Japanese.' Lots of heavy stuff going on there :-) ??

2004-01-04 18:51:18
Here some images by the beautiful 'Niki' Kuo, who I interviewed during my second week in Taipei and I also met again for a new years party. Niki's work reminds me of the 'Kissing Project' by Yoshie Suzuki although Niki's work is not a performance but a series of digitally manipulated photographs. She explained that she is bi-sexual and that is hard for her to do make work around sexual identity in Taiwan, but she hopes to escape Taiwan and go to graduate school in London where she already received and MA in Fine Art. The 'Tube' series of photograps casts hersef naked with a twin-figure, who functions like an ideal partner. The series is about loneliness and meeting the partner as 'perfect archetype' or a desire for and appreciation of another person that transcends gender. And she was also the first person in Taiwan to give me a kiss. After many beers in the gay bookstore and in IT park, in the taxicab on the way back to the hotel, she gave me a little kiss.

2003-12-24 22:28:23
Here one of the most recent works by Liu Shih-Fen, a picture of a twin sister who was born in the hospital where she works. The baby was missing much of her brain (i.e. 'anencepahlic') and weighed only 2, 188 grams. The baby died after three days in the hospital incubator. Liu Shih-fen was very moved by this baby and the "simple vitality" it displayed during those days. I asked her if she wanted to have a baby herself, but she said "no... that would be too expensive!" She has worked as a nurse for twenty years and has been exhibiting art since 1996. She hope people feel the strength and vitality of her work.

2003-12-24 22:16:02
I met with Liu Shih-Fen and talked about her work. The conversation was translated by Yining Shen, who has been very helpful and without whose help I would be entirely lost. Afterwards we all attended the christmas party on the roof. We had paella (sp?) with salad and fruits, home-mad ebread, beer and wine, all prepared by Liu Ching Tang and his family. Shih-Fen is a nurse and midwife she makes installation pieces about her profession and the human body. I have often noticed that the best part of a conversation happens after I turn off my tape recorder. Shih-Fen told me after the interview that there is a medical instrument called 'jacobs' that is used to hold the cervix when surgeons perform a hysterectonmy. 'Jacobs' is a powerful instrument that can be used with a lot of force, as the cervix does not have any nerves.

2003-12-23 22:36:06
I was invited to an evening of short films organized by Jay Shih at his apartment. First Jay showed me his georgeous experimental animation movies. Then we had some tea and snacks waiting for met Tony Wu, Rueyi-Yi Hung and Stella Chuang to arrive. Here a picture of Tony Wu. What do you think of his smile? Wu makes abstract-poetic movies as a personal journey through porn images, as visitor to different places, such as San Francisco's gay parades. He told me that he has a deep interest in porn and found his sexual identity from young age onwards throughbrowsing porn images. We talked briefly and we will meet again on the first day of 2004. Tonight is also the night of the christmas party at IT PARK.

2003-12-23 22:20:47
Some kind of darK&light glutonous rice desert, not the same as "purple rice" (which I ate with Josephine Ho at the sex center). So yes it is true that the food in Taipei is better than anywhere else in the world -- my highlights are "poffertjes" (little pancakes) filled with red beans which were imported from Japan (Via the Dutch); also steamed ferns cooked with basil; fried fish snacks cooked with basil. AMAZING FOOD EVERYWHERE!! The clothes shopping is good too. Yesterday night I ended up in Ximen Din to watch Tsai Min Liang's movie 'Good-Bye Dragon Inn' -- after sitting thru this radically slow movie, I shopped for a christmas outfit for tonight's party and was helped by a VERY sexy saleswoman.

2003-12-21 23:22:40
shu Lea Cheang pointed me to this place -- Hiu-Chiao Chen@IT Park. This gallery is a very imaginative non-commercial art space, largely funded by photographer Liu Ching-Tang, that sees itself as an "ideal, pure and otherwordly museum." IT park emphasizes that is characterized by a kind "looseness," hence cannot be called a school a collective. But in the last decades the gallery has been a very important hub and springboard for Taiwanese artists to find their way other commercial galleries and museums. I talked to Chiao about her installations and her work in the gallery. She is the queen of red roses. She makes colorful and sensual installations with dried flowers and needles, fur, feather and eggs, or water containers made of glass. We also talked about dreaming and sleeping as her work is very influenced by her dreams, even if the images don't translate directly. The dreams help her find a path, otherwise she would walk through days that are empty. Chiao is also helping me get in touch with other artists. I am going over again there on Christmas Eve to interview two female artists and to attend the christmas party.

2003-12-19 00:41:40
Today I had lunch with and interviewed Josephine Ho at National Central University. She is a very smart and beautiful woman, who was recently attacked by fourteen local organizations (amongst them religious groups, feminist groups and the censorship board) after a journalist alerted them to the fact that a hyperlink to images of beastiality could be found on the website of the Center for the Study of Sexualities. The opposition is arguing that she is using university property (the website) to spread "obscenities," even though it is clear that the images have an educational function and are embedded within the website's extensive survey about sexuality. Is it really possible for academics to be convicted over images that are crucial documents to their area of study? Are journalists so hungry for more sensational news? Is this case introducing the beginning or the end of sex-tolerant and bright academic initiatives in Taiwan, and elsewhere? On the picture you see Josephine Ho with her official subpoena, asking her to attend the court hearing on january 16. I will be talking to her again next Friday and hope to transscribe and post the interview very soon!

2003-12-16 00:50:48
My heart goes out to sex radicals who a) fall in love and b) get into trouble with authorities. Here Isaac Leung, whose Chicago-based cybersex art project The Impossibility of Having Sex with 500 Men in One Month. I am an Oriental Whore was censored only last year, and who just sent me this beautiful photo from Hong Kong. Why? He is hoping to increase his chances of finding a sweet lover. I interviewed Leung in Chicago in October 2002 when he was just starting to recover from online sexual blues. Now...take a good look at Isaac and send me a note if you have some further questions. So what about my life in Taipei? Everything goes well, nice warm weather, plenty fruits and veggies, very friendly people, tonight I will go see a traditional Chinese doctor about my back pains. I just taught a lecture on cyberfeminism, webcams and porn. The students looked entertained and one student asked a lot of very good questions. Thanks a lot to professor Yichien Chen who organized the class and translated the main ideas. Good luck IsaacXXX

2003-11-24 17:02:00
I just came back from NYC where I performed in Qin Feng's inking performance Zero Space, which was organized by Ethan Cohen and Shujen Wang. The inking peformance took place in the Asia Society and Museum on the upper East side. I was hidden inside a rolled up piece of rice paper. Qin Feng opened up the paper and slowly started to paint my back, ink dripping gently from my neck to toes. I then rolled around and pressed my ink-body onto an empty canvas while he prepared for a major "action-paint" brush stroke. He made an intense noise while throwing ink onto the canvas, my body, and some in the audience. In the end, I stood up, embraced him and pressed my ink- body onto his, a great fulfilling experience.

2003-10-14 14:21:39
I went to New York City and visited art galleries and art museums, looked at the Whitney Museum's The American Effect ,which gives an overview of 47 contemporary non-American artists depicting American culture. There was a strong apocalyptic theme running through this exhibit, with artists predicting an abrupt transfiguration of the Island of Manhattan. Did it already happen, I ask myself? I walked the sunny steets of Manhattan to look for diversions from screen-activity and generally overworked. On the swamped Greyhound Bus from Boston to NYC, I had reclined and read the last pages of Salam Pax's Blog, now published by Grove Press, the blog-of-blogs that carefully details the US invasion of Iraq. It is a most refreshing and informative piece of writing on this war and Salam's engaging and grounded voice is a unique geekie-erudite way of bringing the news. Salam also shows in his blogs how angry Americans are, responding to his writings, and he replies saying that he can only be honest and emotionally bold, as he simply has to live the aftermath of the war. The blog lives the bloody aftermath of this war, as opposed to detached writers or journalist-voices moving freely between areas of interest.
On the New York Streets, I also bumped into the Toronto collective Instant Coffee who had parked their colorful caravan in the affluent Chelsea art gallery district. How refreshing --these Toronto girls of Instant Coffee, dj-ing old records and distributing home-made porn to the people. Where is it we would rather be? In the snobby Chelsea galleries or in their caravan? When I arrived back home In Boston, I received an email about the Rotterdam Nanofestival looking for very short erotic movies, animations and webmovies less than ten seconds, less then 10 seconds erotica, very snappy refreshing, too short even to get aroused or masturbate!

2003-09-14 16:40:22
Yes, Yes, I did sign up for HBO and spent a large portion of my saturday night on the couch. Primarily because I wanted to watch the HBO Real Sex program PORN 101:xxxtra credit.It was brought to my attention two years ago that HBO was making a documentary about Boston-based amateur porn filmmakers. The Coolidge Corner cinema in collaboration with Kim Airs and the sex shop Grandopening organizes an annual festival of locally made amateur porn, where anybody can enter a porn video and a selection of the videos is screened. I have attended these remarkable, high energy, sold-out screenings and interviewed some of the filmmakers and was wondering how HBO was going to cover this truly rare yet growing phenomenon. I know that HBO grappled with the production of this documentary for a while, yet the director Patti Kaplan brought it to a closure and her program gives a good overview of the filmmakers. These include experimental filmmakers, camera-savvy professionals and college students with a sense of adventure, film/performance artists and autonomous media makers. The sexual bodies and porn stories are composed very differently from commercial porn sites. What are the major differences between porn and home-made porn? First of all, one can see that most of the home-made movies are humorous, featuring odd encounters and animated characters, clowns and burlesque type people rather than the smooth&quick act of flesh sex. Secondly, one can see that the filmmakers are documenting their actual sex lives as scenes convey intimacy and spontaneity, real murky sex involving close types of collaboration between partners, between filmmakers and models. How refreshing this is to the current porn climate and what a break-through for small-scale producers! Third, this program announces an era of articulate porn women, active women taking crucial positions in directing and acting out sexual fantasies. How can porn live without the input of women? Finally, The program also shows that artists such as off-off broadway actors and body painters play a crucial role in awakening the sexual body. Though French writer Michel Houllebecq may disagree in his search for "pure cunt," the body needs to be pampered and enchanted through artful loving, otherwise it really may go to sleep. And here I realize that my views may differ from those who watch porn primarily to masturbate and ejaculate. I am after all just a horny fairy's brainchild.

2003-09-13 11:44:13
Here I found a relic from the early spunk diaries of Francesca da Rimini. One bright and shiny girl-artist and political activist living in Adelaide, Australia, who ruled the net for many years. She is featured in the Adelaide Page of my travel journal. Visit Francesca da Rimini's site to get an overview of her works, or email Francesca da Rimini

2003-09-05 11:28:04
Take a look at Necmi’s photograph of a person becoming ‘woman’ (Crying game, 1992). I met with Turkish artist Necmi last June when visiting Istanbul. I got in touch with him over email and visited him in his beautiful apartment several weeks later, which has the best bathtub I have ever seen. Necmi is nice and generous and he laughed a lot during our first conversation. What can I say: I knew that our 'projects' were spiraling into each other. Necmi initiated the online project The Image is You where he corresponds with people and documents their desires to transform identity. Necmi invites those who want to enter his stage and then helps them materialize ‘their’ desires through photographs. In my view, this work also shows glimpses of shared and mutual desires, including those of people who are watching and facilitating the transformation. I asked Necmi to explain his methods of collaborating with people. He did so and then asked me to enter his stage and become part of his project. I wrote him later that I would want to become ‘boy’ when we meet again, although that would not be such a simple thing to pull off. A snippet of our interview and more photographs can be found in the Necmi page of my travel journal.

2003-08-09 20:33:25
Today I received a text and jpeg by Greg Little (or Little Greg as I call him from time to time) about the movie Migrating Forms:

James Fotopoulos'Migrating Forms (Facets Video, 1999): obstensibly a sex-themed film, it has plenty of nudity and a bit of dirty-talk, flatly delivered (like, "I want you to fuck me up the ass," in monotone); but, on reflection, the film is remarkably sex-negative, even over and above the theme of a mysterious, cystic STD: A man and woman meet periodically (the film is built on this periodicity) in his small apartment to fuck; the woman has an enormous cyst growing out of her back, which the man never directly acknowledges. The film is shot mostly along one plane - though, to Fotopoulos' credit, there isn't an air of theatrical frontality - and the actors undress and dress again, kind of presenting themselves along this plane. The actor takes off his clothes, a few times, and presents an absolutely limp dick--which is evidently meant to be invisible and to account for nothing, because when he mounts the actress and mimes insertion, she begins moving her head and groaning. The inclusion of the limp dick enfigures, unintentionally, the filmmaker's helpless concession to the difficulty of rendering sex as it really is, rather than as a thematic element in an avant-garde horror movie. In the face of sex - practically speaking, where one naked actor faces down and grinds against another - detumescence/impotence signals an a priori defeat; and in the case of an un-rated, avant-garde film, a hard-on wouldn't have hurt the film or scared audiences away. SO - the film's not only about ugly sex without passion which transmits a malignant-looking growth and even kills flies (!); but it has also, as a subtext, the half-hearted mime of fucking by actors whose trained solipsism keeps a shell of detumescence locked around them, even as they are weakly grinding together. It seems a crime against sex, to feign at treating it in a narrative - even to 'critique' it - while depicting only the ABSENCE of sex--because shooting a limp cock laid demurely between a woman's thighs is shooting a void only.
Please forward comments to Greg Little

2003-08-01 09:41:52

I wanted to share some ideas about the new documentary Capturing the Friedmans by Andrew Jarecki. This is a provocative and well-made documentary, consisting mostly of edited home-made videos that show the break-up of the Friedman family from Great Neck, Long Island. Father Friedman (Arnie) and his son Jesse are captured by the police after they find kiddie porn in their house. The police ask community members to testify about potential acts of pedophilia as Arnie teaches computer classes at home, with fifteen or so students in a home-made classroom. He is accused by several students of touching and raping them in collaboration with his son Jesse.

Watching the documentary evidence from different angles, it becomes clear that Arnie does identify as 'pedophile,' but probably never committed any of these acts in his computer classes. Charges against the Friedmans are freely invented by local media and ensuing hateful responses from the community. Even though Arnie confesses that he did have sex with children on two or three occasions, it is unlikely that he committed acts of sexuality during his computer classes. Most of the charges against father and son are simply completely out-of-control. As far as I remember, Jesse is accused of about 150 charges of 'sodomy’.

Do these numbers matter? Yes! Arnie gets a life-time sentence and commits suicide in jail, while Jesse get eighteen years of prison and is released after thirteen years. Father remains quiet and torn throughout the process, mother feels helpless and alone trying to understand the bond between father and sons. The oldest son David is the person who is brave enough to document the case and collaborate later with filmmaker Jarecki to try to put together a compelling statement. David pours his heart out in front of the camera and maintains his calm and dignity. He is smart and talented and he sees in this film project a little bit of creative therapy bringing justice to himself and the family.

The movie makes you think and cry. It shows an enormous amount of playfulness within the family, compassionate reasoning and ongoing dialogues between members of the family. This is probably where we can gain some deeper knowledge about the topics of sexuality, abusive relationships, gender differences, and love. I also believe that this movie is an aesthetic masterpiece, as Jarecki put together a more-than-lively and beautiful texture of human voices. Since the film is made up of home video scenes, it shows plenty of 'raw' fragments that the viewer can respond to and interpret in different ways. The movie is thus very demanding on mind and soul, as it shows disjointed scenes and creates an open-ended narrative and gives you an emotional info-overload. There are plenty of contradictory statements, made by the judge, the police, the journalists, the lawyers, and the family members. To say the least, father and son were captured and tried by people and institutions who were simply ‘babbling’ about pedophelia and made very quick and harsh judgments. A strong case for tolerant levelheaded response is made by Journalist Debbie Nathan who wrote seminal articles about this case, and other trumped up charges of sexual abuse of children. But finally, the viewer is asked to think and feel the intimate information presented.

I watched this documentary a couple of days ago. It made me really sad. I was shocked to see how the media and court jumped on the Friedmans, how people in the community had very little motivation to help the Friedmans and find out what was *really* going on. To understand this complex case means to be open to complex layers of victimization, to dissect the personalities and sexual fantasies and sex lives of the Friedmans and the affluent Great Neck community. We all need sex, gentle sex and honest sex, sex education and family therapy about 'things unknown' and awareness of the role of the media in digesting things for us.

Capturing the Friedmans

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