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University of Maryland, Comparative Studies in Literature, Film, and Media, August 1996, Distinction

University College Dublin, Anglo-Irish Literature and Theater, August 1989, Cum Laude

University of Antwerp, English, Dutch and German Literature and Linguistics, June 1988, Magna Cum Laude

The Postmodern Return to Ritual Dismemberment: A Videotext About Performance Artist and Ethnographic Mythologies.

This "illuminated" manuscript interweaves print and non-print media - 200 pages of written text and 40 minutes of videotext - to investigate the artist's appropriation of ancient myths and rites of dismemberment within the aesthetic paradigm of Postmodern Performance Art. Since the early 60's artists have explored performance modes and technologies of visual reproduction in order to intensify their acts of physical cruelty, shamanic healing and mythic 'othering.' The study demonstrates that Performance Artists such as Carolee Schneemann and Joseph Beuys are postmodern ethnographers writing the disintegration of sacred rituals onto their carnal bodies.

Director: John Fuegi

Pack of Naked Artists

This book investigates the impact of digital networks on erotic art and porn sites in diverse cultural and political zones: the Netherlands, Italy, Eastern-Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA. The book will give an overview of porn zones, where artists and pornographers have carved out the Internet Age. While most artists use digital technologies to reproduce and circulate exhibitions globally, they also have a firm grounding in home spaces: performance venues, night clubs, galleries, wired bedrooms. The book hopes to give detailed representations of such localized erotic spaces as merge with globalized fantasies and Internet porn engines.


Site launched in June 2001 to accompany Libidot's research project around erotic art in diverse cultures. Messageboard is a forum for dialogue and sharing of research and creative work.

The web site was presented as part of an international juried art installation ‘Libidot 2001: Sexy Flowers.’ This installation was exhibited in Mechelen (November 2002), Boston (June 2002), Perth (July 2001) and Melbourne (November 2001). The piece produced a controversy after it was removed from the 'Waste' Exhibition in Melbourne and produced a barrage of web-based writings on online bulletin boards such as <Nettime> and Fibreculture and the magazine Realtime.

Emerson College faculty Exchange, ,Shish Hsin University, Tapei, Tawain

Emerson College Faculty Advancement Fund Grants, 2002-2001, 2000-2001, ‘Performance Art and Erotica: Local Stagings and Global Digital Networks.

Edith Cowan University, Collaborative Research Grant , 'The Body in Question: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Multicultural Bodies in Contemporary Australia.'

Artrage Festival for the Arts, Curatorship Grant for Film and Performance Festival, July-October 1997.

National Endowment for the Humanities, Center for Twentieth Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, June-August 1996.

Rosebud Award for Independent Film and Video for Joseph Beuys in America, March 1996.

Ford Foundation Grant for -ISM (n.), a National Documentary on Student Community and Diversity, University of Maryland, January-August 1996.

University Dissertation Fellowship, University of Maryland, 1993-94.

University Graduate Fellowship, University of Maryland, 1989-91.

Exchange Scholarship, the Government of Belgium and of the Republic of Ireland, 1988-89.

University of Edinburgh Travel Grant, Summer 1986.


''Streaming Physical Love; Zoot and Genant in Theory and Practice' in Media/Culture, University of Queensland, November 2002.

‘Pornography in Small and Other Spaces, In Cultural Studies (forthcoming issue of CS journal)

‘Performance Art Statement on Vietnam: Joseph Beuys in America,‘ In Focusing the Vietnam Era (University of Seville, March 2001)

‘Masochism: or the Cruel Mother in Maria Beatty’s Pornography,’ in Luk Van den Dries ed.BodyCheck (Amsterdam, Rodopi, October 2001)

Queer Voyeurism and the Pussy_matrix in Shu lea Cheang’s Japanese Pornography,’ In Mobile Cultures: Queer Asia and New Media (Duke University Press, 1993)

‘Global Obscenities and Parish Perverts: Reclaim The Net!’ Book Review Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies, published Sept 1 2000

'Mothers and Masochists in Lesbian Cinema,' In Maska. Performing Arts Journal, Slovenia, January 2000.

'Ruins of Performance Art in the City,' (Co-author N. Rossiter) In parallax. A Journal of Metadiscursive Theory and Cultural practices, University of Leeds, July 1999.

'The Status of Contemporary Women Filmmakers,' Introductory essay to Women Filmmakers and Their Films, St. James Press/Gale Research, Spring 1998

'The Lady of Little Death: Illuminated Encounters and Erotic Duties in the Life and Art of Maria Beatty,' In Wide Angle, Vol 19#3, 12-41

'Women and Control,' In Geekgirl (cybermagazine) #11, May 1997, 10 pages.

'The Dismemberment of the Postmodern Artist,' In Maska (Slovenia), March 1994, 58-62.

'There Are no Stars on the New York Sky. They Are All on the Ground. The Wooster Group in Performance and Video Production,' In Andere Sinema (Antwerp), June 1993, 38-41.

'The Fall of an Emperor/Transvestite. Interview with Liz Lecompte and Kate Valk on the Wooster Group's The Emperor Jones,' In Etcetera (Brussels), May 1993, 34-39.

'The Tumultuous Stage in Young Eastern-Europe. Report of the International Istropolitana Festival,' In Prospectus. (London) Bulletin of the International Association of Theater Critics, no 4, January 1993, 49-51.

'One Century of Avant-garde Scenography in Belgium and Holland,' Magazine of the Annual Flemish-Dutch Theater Festival, September 1992, 23-28.

'This Happened, Heaven Help Us, in Belgium. Rene Moulaert and the Belgian Theater Avant-Garde, 1920-1930,' Articles (Brussels), no 9, September 1992, 40-43.


Panel 'The Politics and Erotics of Digital Public Art,' Digital Art and Public Spaces Conference, Boston University, April 2003.

Paper 'Pack of Naked Artists in Belgium,' Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Minneapolis, March 2003.

Paper ‘Pornography Mergers: The Underground Web and the New Culture Industry,’ Society for Cinema Studies, Denver, May 2002.

Paper ‘Internet Peepzones and Pornography Laws,’ Society for Cinema Studies, Washington DC, May 2002.

Paper/Performance (With Maurice Methot) ‘Shu Lea Cheang’s Japanese pornography,’ Digital Arts and Culture conference, Brown University, April 2001.

Paper/Performance (With Maurice Methot) ‘Pornography and Indeterminacy,’ PRISM Symposium, Emerson College, February 2001.

Paper ‘Performance Art Statement on Vietnam: Coyote Speaks in NYC, May 1974’ University of Seville, Cultural Responses to Vietnam War, April 2000

Paper 'Pornography in Small and Other Spaces,' Conference Digital Arts and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, October 1999. Also delivered at Emerson College, PRISM Conference, March 2000

Lecture 'Internet Spaces and Censorship,' University of Wollongong, Space and Identities Seminar Series, 20 May 1998.

Paper 'Joseph Beuys, Fascism, and Now-Time,' Modern Language Association, Toronto, December 1997.

Paper 'Ruins of Performance Art in the City,' Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Walter Benjamin Conference, July 1997.

Panel 'Teaching Sexually Explicit Material,' University of Maryland, September 1996.

Paper 'Multi-Culti Video in the Undergraduate Classroom,' Conference 'Public Knowledge: Reshaping Pedagogy,’ Georgetown University, October 1996.

Video/Paper 'The New Aging of Performance Art,' Performance Studies Conference, Northwestern University, March 1996.

Video/Paper 'The Nostalgic Porn of Maria Beatty,' Conference 'Console-ing Passions: Video, Television and Feminism,’ University of Washington, Seattle, April 1995.

Paper 'The Return of the Repressed', NEMLA, Pittsburgh, PA, April 1994.

Video/Paper 'Do Not Kill Your Mother Copy'; Conference 'Console-ing Passions: Video, Television and Feminism,' University of Arizona. April 1994.

Paper 'Performance Art, Theory, and the Academic Gaze,' Conference '(Ad)dressing Bodies,’ University of Southern California. March 1993.

Paper 'The Battle between Feminism and Performance Art since 1960,'
Conference 'Undrawing the Line, Lehigh University PA. February 1993

Paper 'Performance Analysis and Semiotics. State of the Art,' Istropolitana
Theaterfestival, Bratislava, August 1992.


How to Survive the making of New Image. Documents the making of the ISM (n.) video/diversity project at University of Maryland, College Park. Shows excerpts of student videos and narrates class experiences and discourses around the concept of ‘diversity’. Hi-8 and Media-100, director, producer. Academic Distribution.

The War Within: A Portrait of Virginia Woolf
(Co-production between Danish TV 2 and Flare Productions), TV Documentary, 50 minutes, Film and Betacam, assistant to the producer. Distinguished Feature Film Award --International Documentary Association, November 1997.

Joseph Beuys in America (Healing the Western Mind, Part I) and The Return of the Repressed (Healing the Western Mind, Part II) Performance Art Documentaries. 20 minutes each, S-VHS, Part I covers the artworks and political ideas of German artist Joseph Beuys; part II focuses on the feminist works of American artist Carolee Schneemann; producer, director, editor. Rosebud Award. Screened at American Film Institute, April 1996 and aired on PBS, April 1996.

Shadows on the Mats. Joseph Schaub's short film constructs a fictional dialogue between philosopher Roland Barthes and filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein on the nature of Japanese Haiku poetry, 30 minutes, S-VHS, production manager.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Joseph Schaub's visual deconstruction of gender roles in Godard's feature Film Masculine/Feminine, 20 minutes, S-VHS, production manager. Screened at the SCS conference, Texas 1996.



Assistant Professor, Emerson College, Visual and Media Arts, 1999-2000

IN 115 Digital Culture: The Underground Web

MA 362 Studies in Digital Media and Culture

MA 547 Aesthetics and History of New Media

MA 663 Studies in Digital Media and Culture

MA 202 Introduction to Basic Production

MA 421 Ethnography in Old and New Media

Lecturer A, Edith Cowan University, Media Studies, 1997-1999

MST 1106 Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis
MST 1206 History of Film Movements
MST 2235 Intro to Video Production
MST 2114/3114 Genre Studies
MST 3345 Advanced Video Workshop
ANTHR 3306 Ethnographic Film

Affiliate faculty, Georgetown University, Fall 1996

ENGL 011 Critical Reading and Writing 'Text, Performance, Technology'

Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland, 1993-95

ENGL 101 Freshman Writing
ENGL 244 Introduction to Drama
CMLT 270 Global Literature and Social Change
CMLT 275 World Literature by Women
CMLT 386 Student Diversity and Community Through Video

Language Instructor, Dutch and English as Second Language,1990-92.

University of Antwerp; University College Dublin: Washington International School; Embassy of Belgium at Washington D.C.


Dutch-English/English-Dutch 1991-1993
Academic: Series of lectures in Theater History presented by Dr. Luk Vanden Dries at University of Amsterdam

Literature: Edna O'Brien's fiction for Nieuw Wereld Tijdschrift

Media Management/Curatorship

Guest curator arts festival Porn Ar(t)ound the World, November 2003

Assistant Director of Flemish-Dutch National Theaterfestival 1992.

Programming Committee, Annual Asian-American Filmfestival, Washington DC, 1996-1997

Director of Queer Filmfestival, Perth, Western Australia, October 1997


Native or near native fluency in Dutch, English and French
Reading proficiency in German


Professor Robert Sabal, Emerson College, Chair of Visual and Media Art,

Professor David Bogen, Emmerson College, Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies,

Professor Jim Sheldon, Emerson College, Visual and Media Arts,

Professor John Fuegi, University of Maryland, Comparative Lit,
Phone (301) 422 8176

Professor Linda Kauffman, University of Maryland, English,
Phone (301) 405 2853

Professor Susan Lanser, University of Maryland, Comparative Lit,
Phone (301) 405 2853

Professor Herbert Blau, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Phone (414) 229 5454

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