Libidoc Synopsis

Katrien Jacobs

Forthcoming with Maska Publications

Libi_doc gives an unprecedented account of contemporary art practices and journeys into sex art. The book will present itself as a comprehensive study and visually stimulating art book, and is prepared by two well equipped researchers. One writes from the road and has overtly sympathetic, or ‘intoxicated’ subliminal reactions to the researched subjects. The other is locked inside an office and using the best of his theoretical insights. Their subjects, and the subject of the book, are twenty-seven leading contemporary artists, whose work explicitly or subtly touches on human sexuality and pornographic representation. The artists show their works and comment on major developments in digital media and open sexuality, explaining the power of social networks, exhibitionism and excess, also the pains of societal rejection and censorship. The journeys of contemporary art and pornouveau media, the sex craze of libidot and (almost fatal) abstinence of Dr.Jacobs, are represented through commentaries and high quality color reproductions of major art works. Libidot will be represented in drawings created by the Belgian artist Piepke. Dr Jacobs, the ‘high’ theorist and office bound academic, is represented photographically by Ms. Jacobs in male drag.


A scholar, writer, artist and activist Katrien Jacobs is assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong. She has lectured and published widely on netporn, sex art, and censorship. She has a Ph.D. degree in comparative literature and media, with a thesis on dismemberment myths and rituals in 1960s/1970s body art and performance media.


300 pages, 170 x 240 mm, full colour reproductions, paperback edition