Sexy Flowers

Piepke: Twins


LIBIDOT At the end of a life cycle, all is reduced to paper. The body shrinks and is put inside a coffin. Hundreds of death notices are printed overnight and sent by mail to people, hundreds of answers received, some with tears, some with flowers.

LIBIDOT You are sitting in your bathtub reading a pile of letters, when I enter the bathroom. As I come closer, you drop the letters in the water, one by one, and watch me watch them flow.

LIBIDOT The story of your naked mind (death) drenched in the tears of your beloved. You touched your beloved (dead) when you finished crying your tears, when you crumbled him, tore him up to pieces. You became the wet weeper of his dead soul. Tears to moisten the (sss) soul of your beloved, piles of paper to filter your tears, crumble them and slowly rip them to pieces.

LIBIDOT We all have become obscene Doctors of the Internet age. Piles of sex instead of piles of paper: sex confession, talk about sex, sex experience, share sex, sex talk, dirty talk, sexual experience, best sex, sexual passion, passion, great sex, sex story, sex stories, sexual stories, sexy, sexual feelings, feeling sexy, great sex, wonderful sex, feeling sexy, emotions, emotional, share my passion, share my feelings, share my emotions, self reflection, release, talk, talk about my feelings, confess, confess my feelings, someone to listen, listen to me. Sex is listening, dying, waiting for your love, bury her soul amongst your flowers, print out her messages, tear them up, sprinkle them with your tears.

LIBIDOT You logon and print out many samples of Internet Pornography. Breast exams, gynecological exams, speculums, nasty nurses, fun-loving doctors, catheters, enemas, mammograms, anal exams, shots, anesthesia, and all sorts of medical procedures, big-breasted blonde nurses and cute Japanese nurses, doctors screwing nurses in the exam rooms. If it can be examined, they've got it. From squished tits in a mammogram to speculums opening up cunts and assholes wide, they show everything in explicit detail.

LIBIDOT You ring the Doctor. The Doctor asks you what the hell you want from her. You tell her you have to piss but you can only do so if she shows you her tits. She exits the room and slams the door with a bang!

LIBIDOT You are the Doctor. You take your torchlight to examine us thoroughly, bend us over, and look at us carefully to see if our buttocks are sufficiently wet. If not, you will tell us that we need a little foreplay. You will tell us: look, my office may be inhibiting but letŐs looks at the foreplay chart.

LIBIDOT You go to the zoo, and you observe a gorilla father slowly eating his own excrements, recycling them in his mouth, then spitting them out. A gorilla baby walking around his father and licking his anus. Lick Lick. You make a mental note of this. The animal impulse to worship the anus, recycle freshly accumulated excrements and mix them with other types of materials such as dry hay and fresh green plants.

LIBIDOT You open a newspaper and once again, the government is down on Internet pornography. You read: It was reunion time to decry Internet "bestiality." "Internet porn is endangering our youth species, and the federal government has to do something about it." "I believe that a student should be able to search the Internet for information without being exposed to a picture of a woman having sex with a wolf," said Donna Rice-Hughes, a spokeswoman for

LIBIDOT You go online and write a message to Donna Rice-Hughes: XIXwould YYYstrip XyouY ofXXXyourXY XyellowYXX XYstripesX XandYY XXXwearXYitX XYlikeYYYXsomeX XXgodforsakenY YXtogaX XfashionY XshowX XinY XChinatownXX corkscrewYX YYYorangeXpeelYY XforXYX Xdesert,XonlyX Xfuzzy.XXYellowsY YXareXbrighterX XXYthanXYred;XX YXandXinX XXYeveryX XstrandY YXofX YXXyourXpussyXYX Xhair,XX YerectYYX XXandYYY ale rtXY XXinXYtheY YXforestXofY YXcarnalX XYknowledge,YX YYYareYXY YYencodedY YXtheXXgeneticX Ysigns,XY XXinXXstreamsYX YYYofXsandYs,XXX YofX .

LIBIDOT You go out to examine Internet filters and test out your urination fantasies. You want to piss on those strong, white Internet filters. You also want others to watch your flow.

LIBIDOT This is the story of our naked minds drenched in your tears. Crumble us now and tear us to pieces. You become the wet weeper. Tears thoroughly prepared to stain filters, sex, pornography, piss on it Libidot, crumble it and slowly rip it to pieces.